Tiger Woods, during the Hero World Challenge earlier this month.

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Let’s answer the title question right away:

Tiger Woods net worth is a lot of money.

More precisely, according to several sites following that sort of thing, Woods’ net worth is estimated to be around $ 800 million. But for most people, when you start to add commas and zeros, it’s hard to understand what an “eight” and eight “zeros” is. really means, except maybe “a lot”. So let’s have fun and play a game that, although it’s been done before, maybe puts it all in a better perspective.

Tiger Woods and Charlie Woods run the course in the 2020 PNC Championship

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We’re going to start small. For Woods’ estimated net worth of $ 800 million, you can purchase 61,585,835 boxes, at $ 12.99 each, of Prime Time Western Birch Striped golf t-shirts from the pro shop at GOLF.com. (And you have some change left.) At 50 tees per box, you would have 3,079,291,750 tees. It is also a lot.

Let’s go a little bigger and look at the item you place on the tee. For Woods’ net worth of $ 800 million, you can buy 16,670,139 boxes, at $ 47.99 a piece, of Tour B XS golf balls from Bridgestone, a company that sponsors Woods. (And you have some change left.) At a dozen bullets per box, you would have 200,041,668 to knock over. Want to try driving on this lake? Dark.

Let’s go a little further. Woods is playing with his son Charlie in this week’s PNC Championship, Elder Woods’ first event since his car crash in late February. And for Woods’ $ 800 million net worth, you could cover the event’s $ 1,085,000 purse this year – for the next 737 years. (And there’s some change left.) Or until AD 2758. And who knows how many green jackets Charlie Woods the 50th will have by then.

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Where does Tiger get his wealth from? According to Sportico, who ranked him in early November as the second highest-paid athlete of all time (behind only Michael Jordan), Woods’ money comes mostly from his golf salary (which is north of $ 120 million during of her career); its endorsements (currently it is aligned with 2K Sports, Bridgestone, Centinel Spine, Discovery Communications, Inc, Full Swing, Hero Motocorp, Kowa Company Ltd., Monster Energy, Nike, Rolex, TaylorMade, Upper Deck, according to Forbes); his golf course design company; and court costs. In total, the Sports Businesses website valued Woods’ career earnings at $ 2.108 billion.

And, according to an expert interviewed by Sportico, Woods is expected to continue making money, even long beyond his playing days.

“With competitive careers that can span 30 years or more, golfers have the longest lifespan of any professional athlete,” Bob Dorfman, sports marketing expert at Pinnacle Advertising, told Sportico. “Combine that with their global appeal to a wide range of high-end fans, and it’s no wonder that so many rank among the top earners in the sport.”

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