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40 things you didn’t know about Kim Kardashian by Kim Kardashian

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The 20th and final season of keeping up with the Kardashians premieres this Thursday, March 18, and we’re celebrating by bringing it back to the early 2000s before the E! series never broadcast. That’s right, we dug up Kim kardashianis the very first E! Topical interview!

E! Does Marfuggi spoke to Kim in 2006 – just a year before the premiere of the iconic reality series – and as he explains in the clip above, the two discussed, among other things, Kim’s latest business venture: ” I go to my clients –Nicole richie, Paris Hilton, Cognac– and I help them tidy up their cupboards. “

“And we take anything they don’t want and I sell it for them on eBay,” Kim added.

The reality TV star has also spoken of working as a stylist for her “best friend” Brandy and joining the singer on her European tour. “I had to dress her and her dancers and I was like panicking,” she admitted.

What was life like before keeping up with the Kardashians

At the time, Kim’s family store DASH hadn’t even opened yet, as she teased in the clip.

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“I’m opening a store. A women’s clothing store in Calabasas called DASH with my two sisters for our last name Kardashian,” she revealed. “It’s in Calabasas right next to the store my sister and mom called Smooch, it’s a children’s clothing store.”

After showing elements of the 14-year-old interview, Will recalled a particular 36-hour period in which he interviewed Kim Three times.

“She saw me at the bottom of a press line and she introduced me Reggie [Bush], who was her boyfriend at the time, “Will explained.” She was like, ‘Reggie, this is Will. That’s who I spent the last day and a half with. ‘”

The Kardashians-Jenners through the years

Check out the full interview above. Then crack KUWTK on Peacock and don’t miss the Season 20 premiere next week!

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(Originally published September 10, 2020 at 12:05 p.m. PT)

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