TV personality and entrepreneur Minnie Dlamini has been criticized on social media for creating a skincare line that is now seen by tweeps as “poor quality.”

Dlamini’s skincare line MD Skin Care was in the spotlight on Twitter after a fan criticized celebrity brands for their dismal failure after launch.

The media personality also removed her skincare line from her Instagram bio that she owns a skincare line.


Sunday World reported that Dlamini’s products were not selling well on the shelves and that the media personality had stopped promoting his products on his social media accounts.

A tweep by the name of Nelly Nzima asked entertainment commentator Phil Mphela for his thoughts on celebrity brands and their longevity.

She specifically wanted to know why South African celebrities struggle to launch successful brands.

Nzima wondered how Dlamini was making a profit when her skincare line now sells for R5 at Shoprite and Checkers.

Another tweet said that South African celebrities are more concerned with their personal branding than creating a quality product.

“They think we’ll buy just because it’s Minnie’s product.

Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela also gave his opinion and said that some of Dlamini’s products worked for him, while others did not.

“I used Minnie’s products. The lotion didn’t do it for me, but the winter shower gel doesn’t bother me.

“In the summer, the cream in the shower gel may be a bit too much for me.”

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