To raise awareness about the increase in Covid infections in the country, the Australian government has rolled out awareness advertisements. However, these graphic ads received negative reviews from locals.

Two ads were released by the federal government over the weekend. One showed a young woman breathless in a hospital. The purpose of the ad was to urge people to stay home and get tested for the coronavirus if they develop symptoms. The other ad showed a parade of weapons wearing bandages after vaccination. With a slogan of “arm yourself against COVID-19”, the ad encouraged people to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

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“This is also the message of the most difficult and thought-provoking announcement, but a deliberately constructed announcement that was prepared in anticipation of a major outbreak and approved by the Chief Medical Officer as the appropriate time for publication. “said the Department of Health. Minister Greg Hunt told reporters.

However, the general public does not seem happy with these graphic ads as many believe that it is a frightening tactic that may defeat its real purpose. Some experts said the ads came very close to fear-mongering tactics that may actually increase reluctance to get vaccinated, rather than motivating people to get vaccinated. It can also increase mistrust of the government, as people would feel manipulated since the government has used paid actors.

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“We’ve seen with vaccination in particular that fear campaigns or scary disease messages can actually make people fear more side effects from vaccines,” Murdoch Children’s researcher Dr Jessica Kaufman told The Guardian. Research Institute.

Another fact that has backfired against the government is that the ads target young people. However, young people are not yet eligible for vaccination as the Australian government has failed to procure enough doses to vaccinate the entire adult population.