Anthony Ryan from Capparoe to London from Shannon Airport.

The smiles on the faces at Shannon Airport told its own story very well with passengers taking to the skies as the easing of restrictions and European Covid digital certificates took effect this week.

And it was not only the joy of traveling that is starting to pick up that boosted morale at the airport, but also Ryanair’s announcement of a new weekly service to Gran Canaria (Las Palmas) today, which kicks off August 7 – the third new service announcement for Shannon Airport in recent weeks.


There was a real sense of excitement as passengers of all ages became very comfortable with the enhanced public safety measures on a ‘back to the future’ day for the Gateway Airport. western Ireland.

There was a reunion as incoming flights arrived, but also a palpable degree of anticipation as others prepared to depart on the first flight out of the airport today, the 7:10 am flight to Gatwick destination.

Among those on board was Anthony Ryan of Capparoe. Speaking before he left, he said: “I travel because I have pubs in London and when Shannon closed we were devastated as we hadn’t moved for about six months. So when it was announced that Shannon was going to reopen, we were so happy.

“I left home this morning, I will be at Gatwick Airport in an hour and a half. I saw the advertisement over the weekend that they were hosting return flights to several different countries. Now with regular flights this is going to make life so easy.

The staff at Shannon Airport were smiling as they got back to doing what they do best. “Well, today is a great day because you can see the atmosphere around the place, the people are comfortable here and they are happy to be back, they are happy to get up to new in the sky, ”said Shannon Duty Free Sales. Partner Helen Quinlivan.

“It’s great to see the excitement. People really can’t wait to go back and see their loved ones and they are very comfortable.

According to Mary Considine, CEO of Shannon Group, which operates Shannon Airport: “The reopening of international travel is a very important step not only for Shannon Airport, but for the thousands of jobs and businesses along. of the Wild Atlantic Way and the Mid-West which depend on these services to support their operation.

“With the introduction of the EU’s Covid digital certificate, as well as the roll-out of the vaccination program, which is moving forward, there is a real sense of optimism in the air. While we have a long way to go to bring airport passenger numbers back to levels comparable to 2019, it is important to recognize these milestones on our way to recover and rebuild our business. “