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The 2021 holiday season is just around the corner and one of our favorite traditions is finding the best Advent calendars money can buy. This year, we’ve scoured the web for the best selling Advent Calendars, which include everything from Lego sets to mouthwatering Godiva chocolates. Beware, many of these choices are already about to sell out – the time to shop for your favorites is now.

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Explore the galaxy with Star wars or try a new cup of tea while you count until Christmas. Below are the 12 best Advent calendars for 2021 for people of all ages.

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1. For Jedi or Sith Lords: Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar

Best Advent Calendars: Lego Star Wars

If they still think of the galaxy from afar, they’ll love this Star Wars themed calendar. It features minifigures, buildable vehicles, accessories and more and is inspired by Star Wars: The Mandalorian season 2. You have a Baby Yoda, a Holiday Mandalorian, and more to explore with this popular set. In total there are 335 individual Lego pieces in the timeline and you’ll want to buy them now before they run out.

Get the Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar from Amazon for $ 39.95

2. For the Gryffindor at heart: Harry Potter Lego Advent Calendar

Best Advent Calendars: Lego Harry Potter

If you or your gift has been waiting for their Hogwarts Admission Letter all of their life, they’ll love this Harry Potter-inspired Lego Advent Calendar. Behind each door is a small figure, build, or prop including Hedwig the Owl, Harry Potter, and even a colorful spinning top that can be used to play the board game printed above the calendar. Whether you buy it for a young child or for yourself, it is sure to add some magic and whimsy to your countdown to Christmas.

Get the Harry Potter Lego Advent Calendar for $ 39.95

3. For chocolate addicts: Godiva Chocolat Advent Calendar

Best Advent Calendars: Godiva

Starting December with a box of chocolates is always the right choice. Enter: The Godiva Chocolate Advent Calendar filled with 24 delicious options, including Caramel Pudding Embrace, Raspberry Star, Dark Mint Medallion and more. Each chocolate also features a fun Christmas motif so you can crush Santa himself or your friendly snowman. I tried it and loved the variety of flavors and how melt-in-your-mouth each candy was. If you or your gift is a big chocolate addict, you will need it!

Get the Godiva Chocolate Advent Calendar for $ 39.95

4. For the tea drinker: Davids Tea

Best Advent Calendars: Davids Tea

With the days getting colder, snuggling up with a hot cup of tea feels like a dream. This is why the Davids Tea Advent Calendar is always popular at this time of year. Each day offers a different flavor of festive tea with options like Salted Caramel Oolong, Winter Earl Gray, Candy Cane Crush, and more. Yes, they taste as good as they look. This calendar received a 4.6 star rating from nearly 140 Davids Tea buyers who loved the beautiful packaging, delicious range of teas, and affordability.

Get the Davids Tea Advent Calendar for $ 29.99

5. For the gift: the Harry and David Duo calendar

Best Advent Calendars: Harry & David

Some Advent calendars are made for giving and this Harry and David Duo calendar is one of them. For just $ 35, you’ll get a set of two chocolate advent calendars filled with 24 pieces of creamy milk chocolate. Each door also features a cute winter quote to add to the festive fun. Keep one calendar for yourself and gift the other to a friend or loved one and spend each day exploring your Advent calendars together.

Get the Harry and David Duo Calendar for $ 35

6. For beauty lovers: LookFantastic Advent Calendar

Best Advent Calendars: LookFantastic Advent Calendar

If you know a beauty lover, the LookFantastic Advent Calendar is perfect. It has everything from a detox face mask to fan favorite Nars blush and even a strengthening leave-in treatment for your tired strands. The company claims this holiday item is out of stock for six straight years, so be sure to get your hands on one as soon as you can. Right now, you can also get a free gift with your order.

Get the LookFantastic Advent Calendar for $ 115

7. For the Marvel Fanatic: The Lego Marvel Calendar

Best Advent Calendars: Lego Marvel

2021 has been a big year for Marvel with new releases like Loki, WandaVision, Shang-Chi and the next movie Eternals. That’s why this Lego Marvel calendar is perfect. You’ll get 298 pieces of Legos, including seven Marvel Avengers heroes like Iron Man, Nick Fury, and even Spider-Man. You can even build Tony Stark’s tower from the first Avengers movie. Just be sure to grab this calendar quickly, Lego Advent Calendars are known to sell out like lightning fast.

Get the Lego Marvel Calendar from Amazon for $ 39.95

8. For the youngest in your life: Melissa and Doug Advent Calendar

Best Advent Calendars: Melissa & Doug Calendar

Most Advent calendars are designed for ages 7 and up, but this Melissa and Doug calendar is for the younger ones in your life. Packed with 24 magnetic ornaments and a shining star for the top of the wooden tree, this fun and educational Advent calendar is sure to get your kids in the Christmas spirit. Each tree also includes a beautiful holiday poem on the back that you and your children can read together. Not to mention, it got a 4.8-star rating from nearly 4,500 Amazon buyers who loved the fact that it was both an experience for their little ones and a holiday decor. Plus, you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy it!

Get the Melissa and Doug Advent Calendar from Amazon for $ 19.88

9. For those obsessed with soft skin: Kiehl’s Advent Calendar

Best Advent Calendars: Kiehl's Advent Calendar

Kiehl’s are loved by buyers for their high quality skin care products and I’m a huge fan of their moisturizers and conditioners myself. This Kiehl’s Advent Calendar is available for just $ 99 and contains 24 top notch products valued at $ 245! You’ll find everything from a vitamin C eye serum to an oil-free face cream. Plus, the bold wrapping of the light strip will be sure to look great next to your Christmas tree. This is a limited edition, which means you will only be able to get it during the holiday season.

Get Kiehl’s Advent Calendar for $ 99

10. For the baker: the cookie-making Advent calendar

Best Advent Calendars: Cookie Making Advent Calendar

For the baker in your life, this Cookie Advent Calendar will be a great gift. It includes cookie decorations, flavorings, baking tools and recipe cards so that they can make their home smell like the interior of a bakery at Christmas. It also got a perfect 5-star rating from buyers at Uncommon Goods who praised the easy-to-follow recipes and beautiful timeline.

Get the Cookie Making Advent Calendar from Uncommon Goods for $ 70

11. For the one with a four-legged friend: Beggin ‘Advent Calendar

Best Advent Calendars: Beggin 'Advent

Your furry friends deserve to have fun while on vacation too. This Beggin ‘Advent Calendar contains 24 different dog treats, including mini bones, fun bacon slices and more. While the Advent Calendar is yet to be rated as it’s fairly new, each of the products included are rated the best by hundreds of Chewy buyers because their dog friends can’t get enough. Since these treats also come in take-out packaging, you can take them with you on your next hike or road trip to keep your puppy entertained.

Get Chewy’s Beggin ‘Advent Calendar for $ 21.99

12. For those who love breakfast: Advent Calendar Bonne Maman

Best Advent Calendars: Happy Mom Advent Calendar

Another fast-selling holiday favorite is this Bonne Maman 2021 calendar. Packed with 24 delicious fruit and honey spreads, including flavors like sweet orange and passion fruit, jasmine peach, blueberry. wild lemon balm, and more, these spreads are sure to brighten up your morning meals. It even got a 4.8-star rating from nearly 1,000 Amazon buyers, many of whom admire the different flavors available. The jars are on the small side – just enough for about one person – but if they like their morning jams and preserves, this will make a great gift.

Get Amazon’s Happy Mom Advent Calendar for $ 34.99

13. For those who love the finer things in life: Missoma Advent Calendar

Best Advent Calendars: Missoma Jewelry Calendar

If you’re looking for a more luxurious option, consider the Missoma Advent Calendar. It contains 12 beautiful pieces of jewelry, including a choker, ankle bracelet, hoops and even a delicate hair clip. Its selling price is quite high, around $ 500, but it contains enough gorgeous jewelry worth well over $ 1,000. Not to mention, the minimalist black / gold packaging will look great on your dresser.

Get the Missoma Advent Calendar for $ 511

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