Commercials are the most creative way to reach customers, and as a result, businesses in all fields are giving the idea a lot of thought. While some ideas receive a positive reaction, others receive a backlash for being wrong. One of the reasons behind this may be a stereotypical portrayal of a particular community – as it seems to have happened in the case of the State Bank of India 3 Day Festival Cash Back ‘Dumdaar Dus’ commercial. .

In the latest SBI commercial, Javed Jaffrey appears as a Tabla instructor surrounded by his group of students. However, what appears to be an attempt to portray him as someone from South India goes awry, as only ignorant stereotypes are encountered.

SBI ad faces heat from netizens for stereotyping South Indians

Scientist and author Anand Ranganathan took to Twitter to criticize the ad and said: ‘A vibhuthi muppet with curly hair, buckskin teeth and a clownish accent – how long will you keep stereotyping us, the South Indians, through such buffoonery. Mehmood started the damn trend with Padosan. This continues 50 years later ”.

Anand Ranganathan’s post received a lot of comment, mostly from those who agreed that the ad was nothing more than a stereotypical projection of South Indians. One user wrote: “As if all southern states looked like Tamils ​​How long / how many years older V Kannadigaa, Andhra, Telangana will also be known as MADRASI ?? V Kannadigaa, Andhra, Telangana do are not Dravidians and certainly, VR, not Tamils ​​Do not tag us Tamil / Dravidian Herd. ” Another wrote: “Oly Kannadigas Telugus and Malayalis r Dravidians in TN. Ethnic Tamils ​​do not need Dravidian identity”.

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