SAN DIEGO, August 24, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Permission.io (https://permission.io/), a leading provider of authorization-based digital advertising, today announced the availability of its blockchain validation node and full blockchain node on the Google Cloud Marketplace. With these two offerings available on Google Cloud Marketplace, users will have access to Permission.io’s secure private blockchain to send transactions, test and install dApps, while earning the Permission.io ASK token, the authorization currency. .

When it comes to advertising, Permission.io allows marketers to create opt-in audiences and request permission to engage, ensuring that users have control over their data usage and are rewarded for it. that they choose to share. The company’s infrastructure is designed to help brands address fundamental issues in digital advertising, such as compliance with global privacy regulations, ad blockers, and the ever-changing trends in ad technology that require attention. new and improved permission-based advertising model. As a result, businesses can build trust and loyalty while improving their ROI and the overall Web 3.0 experience.

Two key Permission.io offerings are now available on Google Cloud Marketplace:

Permission.io validation node
The Permission.io validation node essentially validates the network, solving the proof-of-work puzzle and therefore maintaining the integrity of the network. Users will be able to run the validation node on a Google Cloud server, which will allow them to participate in the consensus mechanism and earn ASKs for running the node. This opportunity will be available only to authorized partners of Permission.io.

Permission.io full node
The Permission.io full node allows users to run a full Permission blockchain node on a Google Cloud server, allowing access to the Permission.io blockchain in a truly private, autonomous and trustless manner. The node itself checks all transactions and deadlocks against consensus rules, which means that users will not need to take any additional steps to verify trust in the network as they will be able to verify them on their own. data with this client. The Permission.io blockchain node will also allow a more secure installation of dApps. In turn, Google Cloud will have the ability to reach new potential customers interested in running nodes on a Google Cloud server.

“Our mission is to drive the web towards a new model of engagement, one that empowers users to own, control and enjoy their time and personal information, while interacting with the web as they normally would. “, said Charles Argent, founder and CEO of Permission.io. “At the same time, Permission.io has built tools and infrastructure that fuel a highly effective, consent-based advertising model, enabling brands to engage with consumers eager to increase ROI, drive conversion and build confidence. We are eager to work. with Google Cloud to usher in the next wave of permission-based advertising. ”

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About Permission.io
Permission.io is a leading provider of permission-based advertising that empowers consumers to own their data while providing an engaged audience for marketers. The company created the ASK Coin to allow individuals to securely grant permissions and monetize their data on Permission.io and third-party e-commerce platforms. Advertisers reward consumers with ASK for their interaction with brands and content, loyalty and trust. For more information, please visit http://www.permission.io.

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