Over there the media (OTM), a global provider of mobile advertising and data monetization, has launched its proprietary mobile advertising technology Mobucks with the mobile operator, MTN Nigeria.

OTM’s technology, combined with its network of brands and branded agencies, is expected to strengthen the mobile operator’s digital advertising strategy, boosting interaction and engagement of advertisers with its 65 million subscribers. , nearly twice the range of Facebook in Nigeria.

Several partner brands have already launched mobile campaigns via the Mobucks platform, in particular First Bank Nigeria, BETKing, CARS45, Oraimo, Smoov Chapman, Old Mutual, FordFoundation, Tangerine and Wella Health. The first campaigns have already seen impressive results; for example, First Bank Nigeria’s insurance product campaign achieved an average click-through rate (CTR) of 7%, with CTR reaching as high as 12% in some cases. That’s 70 to 120 times better than industry benchmarks for digital advertising. Other launch partners include some of the country’s leading media agencies, such as Media Fuse, PHD Nigeria, and Starcom Media Perspective.

“As part of our Good Together philosophy, we are always looking for innovative ways for Nigerians to stay in touch with the people and brands they love,” says Srinivas Rao, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at MTN Nigeria. “We recognize how powerful reach can be and with that reach, how important it is to have the right partner and the right technology that would allow us to deliver the best campaigns. When it comes to mobile advertising and data monetization, OTM’s technology and services are the perfect fit to help us lead a digital revolution in the country.

OTM’s Mobucks technology enables MTN Nigeria to deliver targeted and interactive messaging, rich multimedia experiences, and programmatic advertising campaigns to subscribers from its selected brand and agency partners. OTM’s access to MTN’s deterministic first-party telecommunications data enables Mobucks technology to combine precise targeting and personalization with reach, to enable “micro-targeting at scale” for its branded customers.

“With the pandemic and its aftermath, it has been a difficult time for brands and subscribers; it’s important that we take the right steps to stay connected and keep moving forward, ”said Lynda Saint-Nwafor, Director of Corporate Affairs (CEBO) at MTN Nigeria. “Our partnership with OTM will allow Nigerians to stay connected and engaged with their favorite brands. We are truly excited to bring the best of mobile advertising to both parties – our subscribers and our brand partners.

“Reach combined with targeting is always a major challenge for brands and advertisers when trying to engage their audiences,” adds Donald Mokgale, CEO Sub-Saharan Africa at OTM. “This is why mobile operators are proving to be such powerful partners for us in enabling our brand and agency clients as well as small businesses to use mobile advertising to increase their reach and deliver targeted campaigns. to the right audience, at the right time, via our Mobucks. Platform.

The results of the first campaigns we ran here in Nigeria speak for themselves and prove that consumers are wholeheartedly embracing this form of targeted brand engagement. We are extremely happy to work with MTN Nigeria as a mobile operator partner in Nigeria and to be at the forefront of the digital revolution in the country.

The launch in Nigeria is part of the deployment of OTM’s Mobucks technology on the African continent.

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