Young IT entrepreneurs have demanded 5% VAT on the distribution of an advertisement on social networks instead of the 15% currently in force.

Salman F Rahman, adviser to the prime minister for private industry and investments, fully endorsed this request and assured IT professionals that he would raise the issue with the prime minister.

He was addressing a meeting on Saturday to exchange views with ICT entrepreneurs, organized on the occasion of the high-speed Internet connection of 22 unions from Nawabganj and Dohar upazilas.

On the show, Junaid Ahmed Palak, Minister of State for Information and Communication Technology, listened to various proposals and issues from ICT entrepreneurs, including low-speed internet, and ensured to resolve the issues. problems.

He said that the Sheikh Kamal IT training and incubation center is being built in Nawabganj spending Tk 78 crore. Construction will be completed next December.

At the event, Salman F Rahman said tech giants like Samsung are coming to Bangladesh to manufacture mobile phones as the country goes digital.

He said per capita income is now $ 2,227 as the country grows.

It should be noted that the government is implementing a project to build a Tk130 crore high-tech park and a Sheikh Kamal computer training and incubation center in Nawabganj in Dhaka. Salman F Rahman and Junaid Ahmed Palak visited the project areas on Saturday.

High-tech park officials said 2,600 unions across the country were already connected to broadband internet.