October 12, 2021
  • October 12, 2021

How to find the best expert for everything, according to 8 experts

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How do I find the best expert for anything, whether it’s a lawyer, an accountant, or a marketer?

To help you find the right experts for your needs, we’ve asked this question to business leaders and marketing professionals for their best advice. From researching the Internet to using LinkedIn, there are many ways you can help you connect with an expert in your field.

Here are eight ways to help you find an expert in your field:

  • References
  • In-depth internet research
  • Case studies and testimonials
  • Search community platforms
  • You just have to ask
  • Using LinkedIn
  • Engage and Evaluate
  • Rely on reviews and marketing campaigns


Who is in your network? Who would know the best person in a particular field? Using your networks is a great way to get recommendations for top experts. For example, I have a family member who is a senior in the medical community. I would never choose a doctor without asking that person first. I have a close friend who is a lawyer, so I would never choose a firm without first asking who I should talk to.

Ineke McMahon, P2P learning and development

In-depth internet research

You can find a great criminal lawyer by doing extensive research on the Internet. The Internet is a wealth of information from learning what you have been charged to find out who the best lawyer in your area is. My firm offers free consultations to anyone who finds us online, as do many other firms, so take advantage of this opportunity if it is available.

Testament of the Court, Will will

Case studies and testimonials

In the internet age, it has never been easier to find a professional for anything! Whether you are doing a simple Google search or browsing a site like Angie’s List, the Internet is like a magic ball. For larger projects, like pipeline pigging, I recommend reading the company’s case studies and checking out their testimonials before calling them to find out what to expect!

Noah Downs, American pipeline solutions

Search community platforms

A great way to find the best experts for everything is to check out community forums and articles such as Quora, Terkel, or Reddit, which group the discussions by expertise. These sites provide a voice and a platform for experts to share ongoing information on constantly evolving topics. Additionally, the abbreviated question-and-answer style of these platforms encourages a larger and more diverse group of experts to contribute to a given topic.

Thylan Le, Markers

You just have to ask

The best way to find the best experts in any industry is to go to your network and just ask. Not only will they be able to point you in the best direction, but they can also help protect you from potential scammers or professionals who have had a bad experience with it.

Loren Howard, Prime Plus Mortgages

Using LinkedIn

Simply searching for something on Google may not yield what you need. On LinkedIn, you can find the professional you need and view recommendations and recommendations. You can also see if the person is in your network and if you have any connections in common. You can contact this connection to ask questions about the person. I have also seen people posting on Facebook to their friends. It’s word of mouth about steroids.

Giselle Aguiar, AZ Social Networks Wiz

Engage and Evaluate

It takes time, it cannot happen in one 30 minute phone meeting. You need to assess the values ​​of the professional because without shared values ​​it will not be a successful long term relationship. You need to assess their professionalism by looking at the little details like returning phone calls and responding quickly to emails. Need to assess their own organizational structure? Are they a solo practitioner? Do they have staff? Do they have partners? The needs of your business will increase as you grow your business.

Catherine Halpin, Halpin Companies Inc.

Rely on reviews and marketing campaigns

Along with referrals from a friend or colleague, an online review search will provide important information about how others have benefited from a particular product or service. Additionally, you can also glean relevant and targeted information from advertising and marketing campaigns, often revealing a company’s targeted specialty or service.

Greg Gillman, MuteSix

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