Paramount Merchandise Company was fined $ 104,000 after pleading guilty to supplying banned hot water bottles and claiming they met safety standards when they did not.

The company recalled the hot water bottles from the sale.

The inexpensive gift store chain, GO! NZ, owned by ND Import & Export, was fined $ 36,000 for selling toys that did not meet the mandatory product safety standard and for providing hot water bottles prohibited.

Toys that did not meet the standards were a colorful stacking toy, a pink toy guitar, and a “Frozen” toy battery, all of which had removable components or pieces small enough to fit in a child’s throat.

ND Import & Export has withdrawn these products from sale.

Consumer NZ chief executive Jon Duffy said safety standards exist to ensure consumers can be sure the products they buy are safe.

“It is of particular concern that companies are misleading buyers about their products’ compliance with these standards. These fines send a clear message that suppliers must be aware of their obligations and honestly represent products, especially when it comes to child safety, ”said Duffy.