Mocking the ‘overpriced’ $ 19 Apple polishing cloth that launched at the company’s special event in October and still on sale, Elon Musk’s electric motor company Tesla introduced a new accessory on Tuesday. just as expensive, the “Cyberwhistle”. As he announced the launch of the EV company’s minimalist product for final sale in the United States, SpaceX and Hyperloop founder Musk urged his followers to apparently “denounce Tesla” in a Twitter message. The limited edition “cyberwhistle” is inspired by Tesla’s high-performance, user-friendly and versatile Cybertruck, popular in the market for its impenetrable exoskeleton, eye-catching design and endurance.

Elon Musk on Apple Fabric

Digging through Apple’s so-called polishing cloth, Musk unveiled the $ 50 replica design cyber whistle with a sarcastic jibe: “Don’t waste your money on that stupid Apple cloth,” and to the place “buy our [Tesla’s] whistle instead. Musk swept away Apple’s “expensive” $ 19 polishing cloth, telling fans that investing in the whistle was actually a better option. Users flooded Musk’s post to express their opinions.

A “premium collectible” that users can purchase using “Apple Pay”

Tesla’s whistle is a ‘premium collector’s item’ and has been made of medical grade stainless steel with a polished finish. The company describes that the accessory has additional versatility through a built-in fastening feature. tolerance as Musk’s Cybertruck. But interestingly, users can use Apple Pay when checking out while making a purchase. Musk, who took two hits at Apple, mocked Apple earlier in July on quarterly earnings conference calls for using too much cobalt in their devices compared to that used in Tesla’s Electric Cars.

Musk is known to intrigue his fans with quirky and weird products released in the past by his “The Boring Company” even before Apple jumped the wagon. He sold around 20,000 “flamethrowers” with a complementary “boring fire extinguisher” and raised $ 10 million despite repeated sales warnings from the Home Office and US politicians. Musk however insisted that “obviously a flamethrower is a super terrible idea” but also asked his fans “not to buy one … unless you like to have fun” .