New Delhi, October 23: A Dabur’s Fem ad rolled out ahead of Karwa Chauth 2021 featuring a lesbian couple drew mixed reactions from audiences. While some praised the progressive ad promoting the spirit of Love is Love, the video ad did not perform well with others who accused the brand of hurting cultural feelings. Indian society, despite several reforms, is still widely divided over same-sex relationships and acceptance of these is limited. Jashn-E-Riwaaz celebrates Indian traditions, says FabIndia after social media reaction to his Diwali ad.

People took to Twitter, which has become the public’s favorite platform for voicing their opinions, to express their views on Dabur advertising. Along with the cultural debate over advertising, some users have also pointed out that the brand highlights the company’s obsession with fair skin. Scroll down to watch the controversial ad and Twitteratti’s reaction to it. #BoycottMyntra Trending on Twitter as the ancient Hindu-phobic illustration from 2016, which Myntra had refused to do, is resurfacing.

Watch the Dabur’s Fem ad here:

Here’s how Twitter reacted:

Some say bravo Dabur!

Some think it’s an attack on culture:

Nobody seems to be happy ?!

Obsession with fairness?

Several companies have been arrested for having “hurt the feelings” of the population because of advertisements on social, cultural or religious issues. Recently, Fabindia launched her Diwali campaign named “Jashn-e-Riwaj” and received a massive response from the fellowship online. The clothing brand then removed the ad after Twitter called for a boycott.

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