• Sell ​​the sunset Star Christine Quinn says a luxurious face mask is the only skincare product she “can’t live without.”
  • The reality TV personality swears by Sisley Paris’ black rose cream mask.
  • Quinn isn’t alone: ​​dozens of reviews praise the product for instantly smoother, softer, and brighter skin.

    No matter the occasion, Sell ​​the sunset star Christine Quinn is always ready for the camera, and one of her most enviable features (besides her consistently eye-catching style and iconic blonde locks) is her flawless skin.

    Seriously, whether she hits a deal on a multi-million dollar house or rushes to the store, there’s no flaw in sight. The reality TV star recently shared a bit more about how she keeps her skin so bright in an interview with Byrdie.

    Black Rose Cream Mask Sisley Paris

    “The only skin care product I can’t live without,” the Sell ​​the sunset “would probably be Sisley Paris’ black rose cream mask.”

    Formulated with shea butter, chlorella, essential oils and vitamins E and B5, the Sisley mask is designed to instantly relieve dry skin. The brand explains that using it just two or three times a week conditions, softens and hydrates the skin, a must for dry climates and colder months.

    Yes, while the mask costs about as much as you’d expect an Los Angeles-based real estate agent to spend on a skin care product, it’s supposed to work wonders. And while Quinn didn’t expand on her choice of desert island (she’s a busy woman, folks), reviews online have shared more than enough praise for everyone.

    “Before now, the only time the Sisley brand was on my lips was to cringe at the high price,” one wrote. “I’ve always heard people say that their skin has ‘drunk’ a product; I thought it was just hyperbole. With the Black Rose mask, my face literally drank it, absorbed it, whatever. But after about 15 minutes of relaxation, there was a little bit of product left to remove / rub in and my skin looked GORGEOUS. Like porcelain!

    “This mask delivers as promised, especially instant results and immediate benefits,” enthused another reviewer. “I was amazed at how fantastic my skin looked and felt after washing it. Smooth, wrinkle-free, redness-free, even tone, clear, bright, refreshed, soft.

    “I had doubts, but with itchy, red and extremely dry skin in the middle of winter, I decided to give it a try,” said another. “I’m so glad I did. I use it every other night as a face cream rather than a mask, and it leaves my skin supple and luminous. The subtle rose scent is an added bonus.

    While the $ 172 price for masks is a bit over budget, Quinn has another skincare rule that she always follows: apply an SPF. “Put on sunscreen! Like, do not come out and burn yourself, ”she said in the Byrdie maintenance. “It’s so common. And I just want everyone to wear sunscreen because that’s what’s going to keep your skin looking young and beautiful forever. ”

    So while you might not be able to recreate the rest of Quinn’s glamorous lifestyle at home – we can’t all wear designer dresses while roaming LA, after all – at least her skincare is. a little more accessible (or at least parts of it are routine). If nothing else, we’ll look bright by the time season four of Sell ​​the sunset firsts!

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