Nashville, TN, August 11, 2022 – The main focus of CCA Global’s summer convention, which ended yesterday in Nashville, Tennessee, is the group’s Retail 2.0 initiative. In development since 2019 and tested for the past 18 months, the new merchandising program will begin shipping in March to members who join the program, peaking in the first quarter of 2024. The 100 stores that are part of the pre-launch will be up over the next few weeks.

While not mandatory for members, “everything we do going forward will be in support of 2.0,” says Keith Spano, President of Flooring America, Flooring Canada, International Design Guild and The Division CCA Floor Trader.

The program uses a hub and spoke pattern anchored by a welcome center flanked by merchandise categorized by look – wood, soft surface and tile – and then by color. Hard surfaces will include two categories: wood – fully engineered, with the option to purchase additional screens or use existing screens approved to meet regional preferences – and waterproof, designating laminate and LVT. The soft surface will have four categories: Patterned, Multicolored, Loops, and Solids/Tonal, titled by lifestyle alignment, for example, Classic, Expressive, or Casual.

“Winners in retail today offer the customer simplicity,” says Spano.

Routine changes are a key and common practice in consumer-facing industries. CCA’s current program, Select a Floor, was launched 21 years ago and continuously expanded ever since. Along with the streamlined store aesthetic, CCA is reducing its Retail 2.0 selection to 268 carpet products, 390 hard surface products and 45 tile-look LVT products. Private label products are condensed into one brand: Room by Room for Carpet One members and Room to Explore for Flooring America members.

Redesigned sample holders maximize sample size space, with simple icons indicating key attributes, and QR codes on each sample card will link to warranty information, performance features and scenes of the room. Large kiosk monitors will provide an interactive touch point to help customers compare products, learn about promotions and estimate their projects.

Warranties have also been simplified through the use of updated, simple language and icons. Additionally, pet performance coverage has been expanded.

CCA Carpet One Division President John Gilbert said the pilot stores saw sales increase by 14.5% overall compared to the control group of stores. Two-thirds of this growth came from average order size, the rest came from speed of sale, which simplifies the process not only for the customer, but also for the seller.

Listen to John Gilbert’s interview to learn more about Retail 2.0, here.