Camden Jewelers in downtown Camden has been a city staple since 1955, despite a pandemic, recession and depression.

CAMDEN, SC – As Camden grows and online shopping becomes the new normal, local businesses must work twice as hard to come back from the pandemic and stay relevant.

Becky Rogers is a Sales Associate for Camden Jewelers and the store owners’ granddaughter. Rogers says she is happy to work for the family store. His grandparents opened the store in 1955, and it has become a staple in the city.

After his grandmother passed away last year, Rogers decided to quit teaching and return to Camden to work with his mother at the store. She is not alone. His daughter is the 4th generation who comes to help the store.

She works on the social media aspect and keeps the store involved in the online raffles on Instagram. The winners can come to the store and buy jewelry.

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This is an initiative to prevent the store from switching to online shopping but also to involve the digital side and the youngest. The most recent raffle winner is a sophomore at a local school, says Rogers.

Keeping local businesses active is important to Rogers. “It’s important to keep those local dollars. These local businesses help pay for different events in the community, donate items for the community, things that shopping online doesn’t provide for your local economy,”

Rogers plans to keep the business in the family for as long as possible.

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