The New Year brings a pay rise for some Missouri workers.

Starting Jan. 1, the state’s minimum hourly wage will drop to $ 11.15. All thanks to Proposal B, approved by voters in 2018.

The measure increases the state’s minimum wage by 85 cents per hour each year until 2023.

While many companies struggle to hire and keep their employees, some have said this minimum wage increase will not really affect them.

They said it was because they were already paying more than that.

“The minimum wage is so low with the rising cost of living,” said David Mann, director of the Alamo Drafthouse cinema. “It’s just not enough to help someone get by, pay their rent, pay for food, if they have kids it’s even harder, so it’s really important. We hire human beings, we hire people, so it is very important to consider them and the struggles they are having.

Mann said they found the higher pay was necessary to keep employees around.

“If you work for minimum wage, I would say it’s very easy, if there are difficulties or struggles, or if you don’t feel it anymore, to find another job that pays at least the same wage, or more, ”Mann said.

He said many other companies have also recently jumped on the bandwagon by paying their employees more.

“I think businesses are starting to realize that it’s going to be important to put people in the position they want to stay,” Mann said.

CBD Republic sales associate Brian Delling said that with a small business like theirs, they need people.

This is why he also said that it was essential to be paid above the minimum wage.

“What Jeff does for us here is very much appreciated, and it’s something that keeps us off the ground, it helps us keep our heads above the water all the time,” Delling said.

The latest increase in the minimum wage via Proposition B will put the minimum wage at $ 12.