Boomtown’s enriched education program is designed to provide media professionals with a better understanding of the regional media landscape and tools to help plan and buy regional advertising.

The programs include online masterclasses held in partnership with Independent Media Agencies Australia (IMAA) and NGEN. Sessions are held online and face-to-face in Sydney and Melbourne.

Marketing expert Steel Gaye animates the courses and shares his vast knowledge with the participants.

Steel said, “This is an opportunity for media professionals at all stages of their careers to hear from regional experts on powerful reasons to add regional media to their 2021 planning.

“Both sessions are designed to offer targeted information and the latest data on the landscape and regional audiences, as well as industry tips that attendees can use when planning and booking regional media.

“We had an outstanding response to our 2020 online courses, with 13 participating agencies and an overall event satisfaction score of 9.1, so we encourage people to register early for this year’s program so that ‘they don’t miss anything.

Last yearPresident of Boomtown and Chief Sales Officer of SCA Brian Gallagher said the courses aimed to combine knowledge acquisition with interactive learning to give participants a good understanding of regional media.

The Boomtown Collective is dedicated to training media agencies and marketers and providing agencies with the tools to enter and buy regional media.

“Last year’s inaugural educational program was extremely successful, with fantastic feedback on the program and the facilitators. With more hands-on learning this year, the Boomtown Masterclasses will provide actionable insights into regional media audiences that will help build brands and drive business,” added Gallagher.

Upcoming courses this year include IMAA Masterclasses and National NGEN Masterclasses. Masterclass registration is now open.

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