James Jackson/DND Dan Artamenko highlights his work experience and roots in North Dakota during his presentation at the Minot State campus on Monday as the search for a new athletic director progresses.

Heading into the Fourth of July weekend, the search for a new director of athletics for Minot State University continued Monday as the current director of athletics for Seward County Community College (SCCC) Dan Artamenko argued what he can bring to the table if presented. the opportunity. Given that Artamenko served as director of athletics at Williston State College for five years prior to his current role at Kansas, he’s more than familiar with the unique variables that come into play when leading a college in North Dakota. North in athletics.

Even before his rise to athletic director at Williston State College and his current tenure at Seward County Community College, Artamenko cut his teeth in the sports world in a multitude of roles, including associate ticket salesman for Kroenke Sports, Game Day Operations Assistant for Lubbock Christian University, Marketing Assistant for USA Wrestling and Compliance Officer for the National Junior College Athletic Association.

Moreover, serving as further preparation for his eventual rise to AD rank, Artamenko had the opportunity to get a feel for the responsibilities encompassed by an athletic director when he accepted a position in 2012 as an assistant director. of Sports Studies and Eligibility at Blinn College in Brenham, Texas, a position he held for two years.

Right from the start of his presentation on Monday, Artamenko stitched the importance of family into the various topics of interest he intends to address if chosen for the position of athletic director at MSU. Considering his father was born and raised in Fargo, Artamenko assured the crowd in attendance that he embraces the North Dakota blood in his veins.

“I have a lot of connection to what this campus is about and couldn’t think of a better opportunity for my family.”

Referring to more than his personal family, Artamenko pointed out that when it comes to MSU, “Our family is not just at home. It’s on campus, it’s in the community.

Along with emphasizing the importance of a family-oriented athletic department, Artamenko has outlined three strategic priorities that he believes will propel both the athletic department and the school as a whole to unprecedented heights. By attracting and retaining outstanding student-athletes and coaches, becoming the community partner MSU seeks to find, and striving to achieve fiscal sustainability and efficiency, Artamenko believes MSU will set the wheels for progress in marches to unprecedented success.

“Any student who is not going to Division I in North Dakota, Minot State, should be the first choice for him,” he replied when asked about his vision for recruiting efforts.

Further, he went on to state, “We need to recruit quality students. The way you recruit them is through efforts and scholarships. We must seek to improve our scholarships.

Coinciding with its focus on recruiting stellar student-athletes is adequate compensation for coaches of all sports. Artamenko pointed out that “Having quality students paired with happy, top coaches is rocket fuel for growth/solutions everywhere else.”

Exposing this view, he went on to say: “I really develop a relationship with the coaches. It’s my first thing. I don’t micromanage. Do I always agree with the way a coach does things? No, but we can have this conversation and hold them accountable. I develop this relationship where they can feel and trust, and they invite me into their space and share that a bit.

Speaking about fundraising and Minot State’s role within the local and regional community, Artamenko noted the need for the university to develop strategic partnerships, alluding to the perception that “athletics is the porch” from MSU.

Additionally, in addition to emphasizing the need to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion both in the athletics department and on campus as a whole, Artamenko suggested the possibility of adding new sports to improve enrollment and generate more revenue for the school. Asked about the feasibility of adding new programs to the sports department, for example esports, he replied: “It may not be that easy, but it’s something to explore.”

In closing his presentation, Artamenko brought to the fore the monumentality of an opportunity that MSU has due to a full replenishment of the ongoing university budget. He continued to emphasize that “Implementing new/different policies usually leads to inefficiencies, but doing so during a fiscal rebuild allows for a smooth transition.”

Drawing on his fundraising and fundraising experiences, Artamenko accentuated the value of growing contacts and supporters in the community even before the money was needed, producing a much higher likelihood of financial support when ideas come to fruition.

At the end of the day, Artamenko took the opportunity to sum up the emotions that peaked within him throughout this process by stating, “It is one of my career dreams to be in an institution like this.”

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