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  • Amid Widespread Publicity, MMA Warns Oxygen Supplementation Should Only Be Given Under Strict Medical Supervision | Malaysia

Amid Widespread Publicity, MMA Warns Oxygen Supplementation Should Only Be Given Under Strict Medical Supervision | Malaysia

By on September 11, 2021 0

MMA President Professor Datuk Dr Subramaniam Muniandy. – Borneo Post photo

KUCHING, September 12 – The Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) is deeply concerned about the widespread advertising of supplemental oxygen cans that provide 99% pure oxygen for home use.

In one of the ads, the company even pointed out that the product had been approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Health (MOH) and used a photo of a child to indicate that supplementation with oxygen is safe for them. children.

“The MMA would like to stress that the unregulated sale and purchase of supplemental oxygen should cease as the practice is not beneficial and may even be harmful to the patient. Apart from that, it is also a fire hazard. Oxygen supplementation should only be prescribed by licensed physicians, ”MMA President Professor Datuk, Dr Subramaniam Muniandy, said in a statement yesterday.

According to the Professor of Public and Occupational Health at the University of Malaysia, Dr Victor Hoe, “the air we breathe contains 21% oxygen; this is the optimal amount of oxygen that our body is used to.

All over the world, people live on 21% oxygen. It doesn’t matter if you are at the equator or at the top of Mount Everest, the amount of oxygen is always 21%. Sure, the air on Mount Everest might be finer, but it still only contains 21% oxygen. “

Dr Hoe, who is also a life member of the MMA Wilayah branch, said that in the current Covid-19 pandemic, many people are trying to supplement the atmospheric oxygen they breathe with oxygen concentrators or oxygen cartridges.

The reason is that there is information about people with Covid-19 who have lowered the partial pressure of oxygen (PaO2) in their blood.

The Department of Health has advised people with Category 1 and 2 Covid-19 in home isolation to monitor their PaO2 and it is important for everyone to understand that all Covid-19 patients under home isolation are monitored. near by health workers.

If their PaO2 worsened, Covid-19 patients would be admitted to hospitals for further assessment and treatment, he said.

“This is because the deterioration in PaO2 indicates that the disease has worsened and is affecting the lungs or the heart. When this happens, the patient should be evaluated by a doctor in a clinic or hospital. The patient is not advised to use supplemental oxygen because using supplemental oxygen, although PaO2 may be normal, the lungs or heart may continue to deteriorate.

“Oxygen supplementation should only be given under strict medical advice and supervision. For home use, oxygen is prescribed only to patients with chronic low PaO2 due to chronic lung or heart conditions and should only be administered in controlled amounts. Indeed, an excess of oxygen is not beneficial and can be toxic for the patient.

“Paracelsus von Hohenheim, Swiss physician and father of toxicology, said that ‘Everything is poison, and nothing is without poison; the dosage alone makes a thing not a poison. This is true for oxygen. There are many complications associated with breathing at 100% oxygen for an extended period of time, ”said Dr. Hoe.

He added that the oxygen coming out of the cartridge is cold and dry and needs to be conditioned before it can be breathed. Breathing cold, dry air can damage the lungs and increase the risk of getting a lung infection.

“The oxygen cartridge also presents a fire hazard. When we use a high concentration of oxygen, the risk of fire is present and we have to make sure that the environment is free of sparks, flammable liquid and objects. he warned. – Borneo Post

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