Joy Akosa is one of Nigeria’s leading digital experts who has contributed immensely to growing talent, businesses and brands through her expertise in the digital space and deploying skills to achieve results. His passion led to the birth of his company, Jacbell Media. In this interview with Tosin Clegg, she talks about how she turned her passion into a job, the importance of digital marketing for talent and business, the role of social media and much more.

I started out by helping people advertise their business on my blog…

And helping music artists get more reach and flow for their music through paid advertising, and then it turned into a full-scale digital marketing business and that’s how I’ve always been here. Digital marketing is very broad and each platform is very effective depending on the type of business an individual is running. By using digital marketing techniques, you can reach global audiences in a cost-effective, scalable, and measurable way. Other than that, it helps you target the right audience at the right time – personalization is easier with digital marketing! Allows you to communicate with your prospects at every stage of the buying process, for me it saves money and reaches more customers for less and with guaranteed results.

The role of social media cannot be overstated.

Because social media has a very wide reach compared to traditional media and to get more reach and customers, people must start adopting social media in their marketing tactics as it helps you reach more people beyond. beyond your space and provides you with an endless stream of income.

To handle social media well with the various competitions where 100 brands from a particular industry are in a single space for relevance, the best approach is to choose a niche within your niche. I call it under niche.

Dealing with social media negativity.

Trolls will always be around and can be very frustrating and even lead to depression if paid attention to. So the best approach is to ignore. But it is necessary to know that social media is already censored by the owners because once you post something that is against their community guidelines, they deactivate your account, so it is already censored. You can’t even comment with vulgar words anymore and get away with it on social media.

Content creation is the medium itself.

No content, no company or brand. Content is images, videos, graphics, so it’s what people see and how they see it. It’s like a brick and mortar store. It is the first contact between you and your target audience. Now, what makes them trust you to buy from you is the type of content you decide to put out. Everyone is a content creator as long as you post, the first gateway to social media is you. In journalism, we know reporters are the gatekeepers, but in social media, everyone is. So individually, the content you create can have a negative or positive impact on society. So we have to be on our guard.

As a talent, make your audience love you.

Also make yourself accessible not always but make sure there is a balance. Love breeds trust and trust makes you famous and earns you money.

You can’t really tell people how to handle fame, but fame can get to you and you forget your true purpose. Need I say fame is also short term. So while you’re at it. Make sure you enjoy the moment.