“The equipment is not going to get smaller,” says Reynolds. “Now I have room for a combine, a semi, a 24-row planter unfolded and a 12-row planter folded up. In winter, it’s a big advantage to work.”

The loft storage space at the north end of the building has been reduced from 1,600 square feet to 4,800 square feet with pallet shelving. The ground was reinforced to hold 650,000 pounds. This allows the company to keep additional precision planting and farm parts on hand.

Here are the specific features that Reynolds will point out to visitors:

– The overhead doors are 3 inches thick and are insulated.

– The workshop has underfloor heating via a propane boiler. There is forced air heat and air conditioning in the showroom, living quarters and offices.

– Closed cell spray foam and 25 inches of blown insulation give the store an R50 rating, doubling the rating from the previous shop.

– All lights are LED and motion detectors. “Despite the increase in store sizes, the electricity bill remains about the same,” says Reynolds. “The consumption of propane has decreased. “

– Air circulation has been improved for worker comfort with six workshop ceiling fans. They are controlled by individual switches, and they are reversible.

– A break room has been added in the loft to provide a comfortable space for lunch and planning meetings. Previously, both were done on a work bench.

– Improved Wi-Fi coverage. Additional signal repeaters were added to eliminate dead spots, which previously plagued employees. Internet access is essential for repairing and upgrading equipment.

– Security cameras monitor the installation.

– Bulk storage tanks have been installed for engine oil, engine coolant and hydraulic fluid. Each has a 50 foot hose reel with electronic dosing dispensers.

– The air ducts were placed inside the exterior walls rather than outside to prevent freezing, unlike the other store. In addition, enough reels were scattered throughout the building for 100% coverage.

– A 14,000 pound lift has been added for $ 5,200. It costs half the price of a pit and can be covered with plywood to serve as an additional workbench.


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