Advertising agencies have a special importance in construction. Ad makers depend on ad agencies for their efficiency for the job of ad management. The main goal of any advertiser is to get their business plans to the top. Advertisers work with advertising agencies to implement their business plans. The main function of advertising management agencies is to set advertising goals and keep those goals in the center, to try to make changes in the current situation of businesses by running ads.

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Meraj says: “Changing the financial situation of companies is a difficult task, but advertising companies are changing the position of companies through their plans. Advertising agencies charge specific fees to the advertiser (s) for all such collaborations and assistance. The free market system, high technology, the globalization of industries, the conscious consumer and the wide reach of mass media have given the advertising industry many opportunities to flourish today. In this era of economic liberalization, the advertising industry has established its network in a new form, abandoning traditional methods. In such a situation, there is a wide expansion of advertising agencies.

Advertising activity is based on three bases – advertisers, mass media and advertising agencies Advertising agencies have systematically organized advertising activity. Meraj quotes Willam J. Staten’s statement: “An advertising agency is an independent company formed to provide specialized services to advertising in general and advertising in particular. He added: “Advertising agencies get the creative talent and other services from these agencies and these agencies prepare and deliver advertisements according to the needs of media like newspapers, magazines, television, radio, etc. A successful advertising agency can be considered one who not only has the creative talent to create engaging advertisements, but also has the ability to sell advertisements to their clients.

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Advertising agencies in India began in the 20th century, but according to available information related to the history of advertising, Valney Palmer of America opened her branch as an advertising agent in Boston in AD 1845. After that, George P. Rowell continued the Palmer tradition. In the second half of the 19th century there were two companies, the James Walter, the Thomson Company and the N. Beland Ayer Spared Sons, which played an important role in the development and influence of the advertising world. In the 20th century, the company “Lord and Thomas” was considered the most popular advertising agency in the world. This was followed by an influx of advertising agencies around the world.

This is well explained by the scenario. The first advertising agency in India was opened in 1905 in Mumbai on behalf of Dattaram and Company. After a while, J. Thomson (current Hindustan Thomson) also made his debut. Today around 1000 agencies are working in India. The Advertising Agencies Association of India has 116 members, who perform 80% of the total advertising activity.

In a conversation with Meraj alam, he shared his vision of opening an advertising business. The reason behind this is that it can spread awareness and share appropriate knowledge in a proper way.