DISCONTINUED MOTOR VEHICLE ADVERTISING NOTICE (TOWING OR STORAGE COMPANY) You are hereby notified, in accordance with OCGA 40-11-19 (a) (2), that each of the vehicles referenced below is subject to lien and that a petition may be filed in court to prohibit lien for all amounts owed. If the lien is foreclosed, a court orders the sale of the vehicle to settle the debt. The vehicles are currently located at EAGLE TOWING. Vehicles subject to the privileges mentioned above are identified as follows: Vehicle Make: DODGE Year: 2015 Model: CHARGER VehicleID #: _ 2C3CDXBG7FH725334___ Vehicle License #: State: ____ Vehicle Make: HONDA Year: 2005 Model: ACCORD Vehicle ID #: 1HGCM66575A009692__ Vehicle License #: PHN8561 Condition: GA_ Vehicle Make: CHRYSLER Year: 2010 Model: 300 Vehicle Identification Number: _2C3CA5CV3AH195706_ Vehicle Registration Number: 28173V4 State: TX Vehicle Make: FORD Year: 2008 Model: FOCUS Vehicle Identification Number: IFAHP35N08W213517__ Vehicle Registration Number: 420NBM STate: GA Vehicle Make: HONDA Year: 1997 Model: CR-V Vehicle Identification Number: JHLRD1855VC035532 Vehicle Registration Number: RQC3654 Condition: GA Vehicle Make: CHEVY Year: 2008 Model: HHR Vehicle Identification Number: _3GNDA53P08S606916 ____ Vehicle Registration Number: HDP1172 Condition: _OH_ _ Vehicle Make: DODGE Year: 2010 Model: CHARGER Vehicle Identification Number: 2B3CA4CD8AH134415 Vehicle Registration Number: QFH1098 Condition: GA_ Vehicle Make: NISSAN Year: 1999 Model: QUEST Vehicle Identification Number: 4N2XN11T8XD829042 Number Vehicle Registration Number: RPA7321 State: GA Vehicle Make: MITSUBISH I Year: 2002 Model: LANCER Vehicle Identification Number: JA3AJ26E42U079828 Vehicle Registration Number: PEH5417 CONDITION: GA Vehicle Make: MAZDA Year: 2009 Model: CX-7 Vehicle Identification Number: JM3ER293690215990 Vehicle Registration Number: RPA8206 State: GA GA Anyone with an ownership interest in any of these vehicles, please contact the following company immediately: Commercial Info: EAGLE TOWING INC 115 ARCADO RD SW, LILBURN, GA 30047 Telephone number: (770) 279 1646 MAG 40-04 928-56665 12/19 26 2021