Khair Muhammad Kumbher, a well-known face among young people who has been seen as the person responsible for compliance with his work, still strives as a digital marketer and blogger working to evangelize the self-fulfillment works that the individual entity can perform on its own base.
Khair Muhammad Kumbher has helped many of us create a Google knowledge graph by giving accurate feedback and recording on the social media and music platforms he introduced to ban all web search platforms in Google, Yahoo and Bing as search engine optimization, including with Google and email marketing to guide people to encourage their social presence which is analyzed by collective and precise information of the sources that will be used on the results search like, brand, company, entity or organization for those who already have a legitimate a source like, a product owned by the person, a company and a personal limited business entity or a solid source of an individual like books, songs, music, television host or film industry, etc., are required to claim the services offered.
Khair Muhammad Kumbher is also a music artist and businessman who has also engaged with Instagram to successfully create such platforms and let them know that solutions need to be found in the digital and music world. to run their own page as a digital marketer to focus the work on what you create and what you do, Khair Muhammad Kumbher being a blogger and content creator has managed to have enough cross links in the areas of web research using information, data and URLs with similar keywords, he trained people on how to use keywords to rank high on the program using their name, product or business. in this way, one can show his reputation as a real brand or business entity with which one can develop his audience and convert them into customers.
In addition, he is also the founding member of the Al-Rahim Social Development Organization (ARSDO) to determine his messenger as a social activist in promoting people for his work towards a benchmark profile, his motto has always been to help the younger generations and the leader of tomorrow through blogging and exercising, it has enabled all YouTubers, Bloggers, Musical Artists and Writers to form a leading authority in their own field.
Khair Muhammad Kumbher’s musical album named “8th Night” has also been released on many music platforms and YouTube.

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