Marketing includes many educational films. People lose the patience of reading long blocks of material when their concentration decreases. Many people prefer to watch movies rather than read long essays. Simply put, video is the content marketing medium of the future.

Still not convinced?

Take a look at the results of The State of Video Marketing 2020:

  • Short videos are preferred by 66% of consumers to learn more about a product or service.
  • After seeing a sponsored movie, 84% of consumers indicated that they were convinced to buy a service or
  • It’s time to learn more about video marketing if you haven’t already. Videos can help you increase brand awareness, exposure and sales. They can also help you engage your audience.

Are you confused about what videos to do?

Here’s a tip: create instructional videos.

These are the most commonly made videos, according to the data cited above. Additionally, 96% of customers said they watched a training video to learn more about a product or service.

Think of the explanatory film as a new business or brand. A business can describe in detail a certain product or service via an instructional video.

Additionally, organizations can use educational films to explain how they can help their audience deal with painful areas. Organizations can use an animated explainer video to express their values, goals and ambitions.

Training films can be used for a variety of purposes including training, recruiting, internal communication, and marketing.

Tips for producing a powerful instructional video

Do you want to create a fantastic movie that explains your business?

Here are some tips to help you with your video production:

  1. Use the right tools

It is essential that you equip yourself with the proper equipment before you start shooting a video. It can have a big impact.

You can create interesting lesson movies with video maker programs like mysimpleshow, Powtoon, Adobe Spark, and others. These tools can help you create professional-looking movies quickly, even if you are a beginner.

Do you need expert help?

By using the instructional videos, you can easily outsource this task. They can help you explain more complex issues in a clear, entertaining, and understandable way.

  1. Write a script that is short and to the point.

The key to getting your point across is a well-written video script. Remember that the script for your explainer video should be concise. You should aim to create information that can be consumed in 90 seconds or less.

Use basic words and a conversational tone to express your point of view. You may not be able to capture your audience’s attention if you use complicated sentences or technical jargon.

So what exactly should you include in your video script?

There is a proven formula that you can use:

  • Start by presenting your products or your business.
  • Then talk about the major problem your audience is having.
  • Then show how your product or service can solve the problem.
  • Make a strong call to action at the end of your video.
  1. 3. Emphasize the benefits for your target audience.

In your video, do not list the characteristics of your product. Your customers can put them to the test on your product or website.

Instead, focus on showcasing your unique selling proposition. Describe how your product or service will make life easier for your audience.

You undoubtedly have many rivals in your industry, regardless of your industry.

So what sets your product or service apart from others?

Why should customers choose you over your rivals?

In the how-to videos, you have to answer these questions.

  1. 4. Pay attention to the sound quality.

For a successful animated explainer video, high quality sound is required. Remember to include professional voiceover in your video.

Also make sure that the voiceover is recorded at an appropriate speed. Your listeners can ignore vital information if the speech is moving too quickly.

You can also use background music to help set the mood for your video. Just make sure the storytelling doesn’t take over the stage.

Now you have everything you need to make a fantastic how-to video. You can also read more about blockchain animation.


How-to videos can help you attract new consumers by showing them how to use your products and services.

They can not only help you increase your brand awareness, but they can also help you increase your visibility on the internet. You can anticipate better quality leads if you do it right.