Bank debts? Request your free report

When you enter the credit system, either by loans, or by taking out a credit card , it is always important to keep abreast of the debts you may have. This allows you to always have a clean credit history and thus avoid a bad rating on E-money .

We can all know what our rating on E-money is . Obtaining this data makes it possible for you to know not only if you have debts, but how banks see you. And when you have a green credit history there is a better chance that you will access important loans when you need them. Learn how to request your E-money report.

Enter the Good Finance website

Enter the Good Finance website

To know what your report is on E-money you have to enter the Good Finance website at the link.

Enter your identity document

You must have your identity document number or your immigration card at hand. Enter it in the “Document No.” box after choosing the type of document you have. After filling in the data, copy the characters from the checkbox and click on “validate”.

The validation will make your full name appear on the screen and then you just have to click on “confirm”.

Sign up

Sign up

Good Finance will want you to confirm that it is really you who is requesting the history so it will ask you for some more information, such as your date of birth and even your zodiac sign.

In the registration you will need to enter your phone number, place of residence, mail, among other information.

Accept the conditions


This will cause the web to integrate your information into its database. If you click on “I accept the alert services” you can also be aware of the changes in your credit history and that’s it! In a few minutes you will receive the Good Finance report in your mail.

There are many myths of being in E-money , but being in this central risk is not bad, it is like having a letter of financial presentation to banks or similar entities to access different benefits: loans, credits, etc. Find out about your credit status through its website.

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