3 points you should know about home insurance

Just as you protect your car and your health, your home should not be the exception. In Peru, telluric movements and earthquakes are the most common disasters, followed by the Huaycos. These natural phenomena can end up damaging the infrastructure of your home or the assets that are there, which would directly affect your finances, since the repairs would have to come out of your pocket.

Fortunately, in addition to vehicle insurance or cancer insurance

There are also home insurance

There are also home insurance

If you want to know more about them, these are three items that you should consider:

You can insure only the infrastructures or only the assets that you keep there, but there is also the option of combining both coverages. In some cases, if they have not saved enough, they resort to a personal loan to cover those expenses. Organize a “collaborative” new year meeting. What if you save at the entrance to a new year party by making one at home? The idea of ​​a collaborative meeting is for each person to put something, so it does not have to bear all expenses and can be much cheaper than going somewhere. However, there are some months that are more popular than others, due to the expenses that arise. It is in these times that financial institutions take the opportunity to offer promotions, discounts and even reductions in rates. The deductible, on average, corresponds to 1% of the value of the property. This value is established in the contract and will depend on the insurer you choose.

Additional benefits are also included

home insurance with money cash

Which can range from locksmith or gas station services, to medical assistance.

Finally, if you are thinking about applying for a mortgage loan, you can also talk to the financial institution you chose and ask about insurance, since many give you the option of including it in your monthly installments.

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